Quick and automated tracking and sharing of marketing campaigns in real time

Before dgenious

This chain of beauty products stands out for its extensive marketing, including regular, personalized and varied marketing campaigns. The monitoring of these campaigns requires continuous analysis of data from the ERP and 2 cash register systems. This analysis required a lot of manual work and limited the capacity of the marketing team.

An incredible gain of time for the marketing team and a significant increase of the decision-making reactivity!

With dgenious

With dgenious, data collection is done in real time and is fully automated. For each campaign, the marketing team prepares the different reports and dashboards that will be needed. This is done intuitively and without IT intervention.

In a second phase, dgenious has also been connected to the CRM to trigger personalized mailings to consumers: status of their loyalty points, suggestions of products they have not yet bought and that could help them reach the next level,…

Connected systems: tcpos POS; ERP SAP

tcpos Reporting; tcpos BI; tcpos Business Intelligence