Automatically export thousands of entries daily into your ERP accounting module

Eldora is an independent catering company that offers a personalized service to its customers in order to meet their expectations.

Before dgenious

Before working with dgenious, and in order to invoice their 280 restaurants, this company active in the contract catering sector had to manually collect and process data from 450 cash registers (55 million lines per year!). A long process and prone to many errors.

“An unimaginable gain in time, precision and productivity!”

With dgenious

With dgenious, this process is fully automated and centralized. Data is collected and consolidated in real time and dgenious automatically generates every day almost 12,000 re-invoicing entries and 2,700 accounting entries (sales, payments, cash purchases, cash) sent directly to our ERP database.

Connected systems: tcpos POS

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