Unify online and offline orders in real time

Classcroute, a chain of 135 restaurants, has a mainly professional clientele. Customers come to one of the chain’s restaurants or order via the chain’s website to be delivered to their office.

The issue

Before dgenious, it was impossible for the managers to know hour by hour, day by day, the global figures (online and offline) per item and per point of sale.

The solution

dgenious is connected to both of their 2 different cash register systems – their point of sales system and their online ordering system – so that all data can be analyzed in one place.

The sales and marketing departments have immediate access to the figures per store, per customer, per article…and can thus make the right operational decisions. The finance department can now rely on real-time financial figures, VAT and other reports.

Connected systems: tcpos POS and an online system developed by the client

tcpos Reporting; tcpos BI; tcpos Business Intelligence