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    Calculate your average baskets

    Per shop, globaly, in real time or per specific range. You decide what you want to see, when, on what device and who you want to share it with

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    Compare your in-store traffic

    The average spending per hour slice of the day, per day of the week, per month of the year. Compare your shops in detail. Choose the hour slices you want, whenever you want.

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    Minimize your unsold stocks

    Analyse your inventory per shop in real time, compare the sales per item, per promotion.

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    Share automatically with your network

    Automatically share analyses with your network. Each person will only see what they are allowed to!

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    Check your drawer counts

    The cash leakage at the end of the day, at the end of each shift, the mismatch, per operator, per cashier. Control in details and in real time your cashiers.

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    Compare your sales per shop in real time

    Per article, per category, per promotion,... Compare your sales per shop today with yesterday, the same day last week, last month, last year,...

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    Compute your actual gross margin

    Compute the actual profitability of each sale, in real time, per shop. Easily with the >250 formulas natively available in dgenious.

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    Communicate with your clients

    Pull out the list of customers who bought a croissant last week and have not yet returned this week. Send them an sms or an email.

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