Dgenious is now an associate member of the Belgian Franchise Federation.

It is as a data specialist for franchisee networks that our company is now an associate member of the Belgian Franchise Federation (BFF). In just a few months, our business intelligence system dgenious is already in use in several European countries. By joining the BFF, we have the chance to actively contribute to the construction of an ever more dynamic, efficient and digitalized franchise network. 

Dgenious joins the Belgian Franchise Federation.

Good news! But what does it mean concretely?

First of all, the  Belgian Franchise Federation is an organization at the service of companies. Its objective? To generate dynamic and efficient associations in order to build, strengthen and perpetuate the label of authentic franchising: a guarantee of quality and deontology. As an associate member, dgenious joins a participative dynamic where each member assumes, as an expert, a responsibility in his competence, which will be profitable for the other members.

Dgenious associate member of the Belgian Franchise Federation as a data specialist for franchisees!

Dgenious was born out of an observation made by Antoine Lebacq (Chief Technology Officer) at the opening of his Patagonia franchise shop: detailed sales analysis is a real headache. While he can’t find a complete solution to meet the shop’s needs, he will create one. Dgenious was born. Today, strengthened by its success, our system can count on conquered users with between 10 and more than 800 points of sale! 

Thanks to this business intelligence system, unique on the market, dgenious offers managers of many points of sale, such as chain of shops and restaurants, direct access to their Key Performance Indicators, in real-time

“Our solution helps them to improve their sales and profitability. Thanks to an easy, flexible and fast access to their data, they know in detail and in real time their sales, their customers, their stocks…”. Gaëlle Helsmoortel – CEO of dgenious.

Daily, dgenious assists organizations that have the particularity of having large databases. Also shops under their own management, franchises with systems that are not always standardized and many users with very different needs.  

Therefore, becoming an associate member of the Belgian Franchise Federation was an obvious choice. Dgenious helps franchise networks juggle efficiently with quantitative management, which requires more and more data. 

What are the key features of dgenious? 

  • Speed and ease of implementation. 
  • Ease of use. 
  • Accuracy and granularity of analysis.  
  • The dgenious team is reactive and solution-oriented. 
  • The attractive price. 

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