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Sales Key Indicators

Finally track and share your data efficiently !

All dgenious reports are updated in real time! And can be viewed per sales channel, per country, per brand, over specific periods, cumulated, for the entire network and per POS, for all possible customer dimensions (age, gender, mobility,…), for all product dimensions, etc… 

The possibilities are endless and instantaneous. 

--> MTD, WKT, YTD 

--> % of Sales per Hour and per Day of the Week

--> Best Sales per Client, per Product


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--> Monitor Sales per Hour per Shop

--> Compare Sales per Shop per Hour Today vs Same Day last Year

--> Cashier Monitoring


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--> #Tickets per Hour Slice of the Day

--> #Tickets per Hour Slice per Day of the Week

--> #Tickets by Identified Clients vs Non Identified Clients


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--> Units per Transaction

--> Number of Variety of Articles Sold per Client

--> Sales of New Products per Client

--> List of Products not yet sold per Client


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