Easier access to your data. Better decision-making.

Here is dgenious. A new way to make your data talk.

Fast, easy and intelligent

All in 1

dgenious is a complete BI solution encompassing ETL, data warehouse and web client.


A friendly web interface for a large number of users within the company. Access from a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.


stunning computation power to create your KPIs in real time on very large databases.

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better decision making & business development

How does one of your shops perform versus another one in the same region? Which customers have never bought a particular product? Have customers who used a particular promotional code purchased more than usual? dgenious enables users to create reports easily, even the most complex ones, so that they can immediately answer this type of questions. With its embedded permissioning system, each employee can make the best use of the data he has access to and make the most appropriate decisions.

The versatility and power of dgenious is the result of its design based on the idea that any entitled user who wants to get some numbers must be able to get them at once. A design that is radically different from traditional BI. With dgenious, BI is no longer the preserve of a few specialists, and new KPIs can be obtained immediately without the involvement of the IT department or external consultants.

And because you are not necessarily sitting at your desk in your office when you need your data, dgenious enables you to access it via a standard web browser. Salespeople can check on their smartphone the latest orders of customers they are about to meet or regional managers can check the performance of their shops at the end of the day on their way home.

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Real time analysis

dgenious synchronises your production data continuously throughout the day so that users see their data in real time. This will help a restaurant manager decide at 12:00 whether he needs to reassign staff between his restaurants. Or a Head of Logistics will know whether he needs to send some goods to a regional warehouse before running out of stock.

dgenious can be deployed either in your datacenter or on the dgenious cloud. It connects to your information system.

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Mobility & Design

Users access the system via a standard web browser on their desktop computer, smartphone or tablet. No need to install any particular module or component. A simple 3G Internet connection is more than enough.

Most of the companies that opt for dgenious decide to customise the application to their own look&feel as they are making an operational use of the application for a wide range of people: internally (subsidiaries, headquarter) or externally (franchise).

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User friendliness & Speed

dgenious is so easy to use, that any user just checking out reports will not need any particular training. Creating reports is really simple as well: some users will choose to learn how it works by themselves using the user manual, others will prefer to attend a half-day training.

As the dgenious data warehouse does not include any pre-calculated KPIs, the setup is a lot simpler than traditional BI systems and the implementation is significantly faster. dgenious therefore offers you a less complex and faster system at a lower cost.

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Our management team

Gaelle Helsmoortel

Founder - Chief Customer Officer

Antoine Lebacq

Founder – CEO & CTO

Emmanuel Girod

Founder – Chief Analytics Officer


Don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions about dgenious. Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Apart from a few exceptions, any system using a professional database server can be integrated into dgenious. This covers the vast majority of business IT systems such as ERP, PMS, POS, stock management, ...
The most frequently encountered servers are Oracle, SQLserver, DB2, Postgresql and Mysql, and dgenious is compatible with many others as well.

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