Analyze your points of sale network to optimize your profitability!

A network of points of sale is complex by nature. Different points of sale, some managed by the company itself and others franchised, different computer systems, many users with different profiles and needs. And of course a lot of data generated every day.


Connect Dgenious to your existing systems, POS, CRM, ERP...

Unify systems and databases

Different cash register or inventory systems across the network? The same system but databases located in different places? We reconcile your data in real time.

Provide access to data to all users according to their roles and responsibilities.

Our advanced permissions and authentication system ensures dynamic, flexible and highly secure management!

Your look & feel

To make every user feel at home, dgenious can be customized to your image.

When and where you need it

At the office, on the train or between 2 appointments, you can access your reports in real time at any time from any device. Dedicated iOS and Android apps are available to provide access and interaction with your data

Also in self-service mode

With dgenious, you can analyze your data and create your own reports! Easily and with just a few clicks, whenever you need it.

They trust us


"The volume of data and the number of connections managed in real time by dgenious is simply impressive! Thanks to dgenious, we automatically integrate the cash entries into our ERP accounting module. An unimaginable gain in time and efficiency. "

Michel Baruzier
Head of Group Applications, Eldora

An Ideal Partner!

"dgenious was very quick to implement while we suffered a lot in the ERP implementation. Dgenious not only allowed us to ask ourselves the right questions but also to note set up or input errors on our original ERP!"

Cécile Mandart

So fast to implement!

'Dgenious acts as a true revealer of the power and importance of the data we generate! Thanks to real-time access to our data, we can dynamically manage our points of sale and our business."

Chief Operating Officer of a pharmaceutical Group

A dgenious addict!

'Dgenious brings incredible value to our entire network! It's a powerful solution that opens our minds so much with immediate access to our data, that it makes us want to go further. I am a dgenious’s addict."

Jean-David Couderc
Chief Operating Officer Färm
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