Tekoe – Minimize unsold and missed sales

Minimize unsold and missed sales in a chain of tea shops

Tekoe is a chain of high quality tea and pastries.

The issue

Without reliable detailed historical sales data, the shops were ordering too little or too much tea. This is a problem because merchandise not sold on the same day is lost and the one missing represents a missed profit. Without an instantaneous global overview of inventory, it was difficult to send surplus goods to stores that didn’t have enough.

The solution

With dgenious, store managers have access from their smartphone or tablet to their key indicators, particularly stock management, to help them make operational decisions:

-minimizing the group’s unsold stock by transferring surplus from a nearby point of sale

-restart production before an out-of-stock condition occurs

Thanks to real-time inventory management by point of sale, they have significantly optimized their supplies and increased their profitability.


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